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Trick or Treat, Tickle my Feet!

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MessagePosté le: Lun 18 Mai - 04:42 (2009)    Sujet du message: Trick or Treat, Tickle my Feet! Répondre en citant

Halloween: The Curse of the Thorn
Starring: Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd

Our story opens immediately after the end of Halloween 5…


Jamie awoke to bright light glaring in her eyes.  She felt extremely disoriented.  How had she gotten here?  She tried to recall the last vague memories from her brain…Halloween night, her uncle returning to Haddonfield, Rachael dead, an explosion…it all came back to her in a rush of adrenaline.  Terror welled up in her heart as she remembered: Michael had tracked her and Doctor Loomis to the old Myers house.  Loomis had subdued Michael and locked him up at the police station.  Then there was an explosion…He had come, the Man in Black, and slaughtered everyone in sight.  Michael was set free, and the last thing Jamie could remember was the Man in Black and his followers grabbing her…
She opened her eyes fully now, taking in her surroundings.  She was in a small, brightly lit room that was not at all what she expected.  The walls were colorful and adorned with pictures of clowns and children playing, in the corner was a heavy looking wooden dresser and scattered all around the floor were various toys and stuffed animals.  She discovered that she was lying on a bed with fresh-smelling sheets, and the ceiling was plastered with glow-in-the-dark stars.  It all looked very pleasant and fun, except for the fact that she was tied to the bed.  Her arms were stretched out above her head and tied to the headboard, and her feet were propped up on several pillows and likewise tied to the footboard.  She was wearing a purple tank-top, pink pajama shorts and yellow socks with kittens on them.  It all seemed very surreal, as if she had just awoken from an extremely bad dream and didn’t yet realize she was awake.  But Jamie knew that she hadn’t been dreaming, and that she was in great danger.  She didn’t know what the Man in Black might have in store for her, but she was far more terrified of her uncle finding her.  She was sure that he was on the hunt right now, butchering anyone foolish enough to get in his way.  He was unstoppable, an evil force that couldn’t be denied or tamed.  Dr. Loomis had been right all along, if only the other grown-ups had listened to him.  She suddenly heard a noise outside of the room, like footsteps coming closer.  The doorknob turned and the Man in Black entered the room, flanked by two young women in black robes.  The Man in Black smiled warmly.  “Hello Jamie.  My name is Dr. Wynn.  We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight Jamie.”  Jamie gulped.  She didn’t like the sound of that.

Coochie Coo

            Tears welled up in little Jamie’s eyes.  “Please, let me go!  Michael is coming, he’ll kill all of us!”
Dr. Wynn smiled his warm smile again, wiping a tear from Jamie’s cheek.  “There, there Jamie, there’s no need to be scared.  Michael Myers is nowhere near here, we’re far away from Haddonfield.”  Jamie sniffed; she didn’t believe him.  “Then why did you kidnap me?  Why did you tie me up?”  Wynn laughed.  “Well, that’s the problem.  Michael isn’t here.  You see, Michael is like my pet.  I protect him, and in turn I can control him.  But I seem to have lost some of that control, his actions have become erratic and it would seem that he will stop at nothing until the last of his bloodline is totally wiped out.  You are, of course, the last.  But if Michael kills you, he will no longer have a reason to keep killing.  Well, I still need him to do that for me, you see.  I think I may have a way to regain my grip on him, but first I need him here of course.”  He smiled again, but Jamie detected a hint of mad evil in it this time.  “I understand that you have some sort of psychic bond with your Uncle, Jamie,” he said, pressing his fingers together.  Jamie nodded, whimpering.  Oddly, she felt somewhat at ease in this place; if felt…safe, comfortable even.  But she was still scared, and wished they would let her go. 
Wynn stood up and began looking around the room, scanning each and every object with great interest.  “You know, Michael used to live here.  Yes, a long time ago he was a patient here at the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.  In fact, this was room.”  He sat down again, moving his chair closer to Jamie.  “As far away as we are, Michael may be having some trouble tracking you down.  I believe, however, from studying him extensively, that a great upsurge of emotion might make the link between the two of you stronger.”  He motioned to his two female colleagues, a couple of busty blondes with pale skin and bright red lips.  All three of them, Jamie noticed, had the same tattoo on their writs; some kind of weird symbol, like a pointy letter P with a stem on the top.  The two women sat down on stools at the end of Jamie’s bed, in front of her bound feet.  Dr. Wynn grinned at Jamie, an even more malevolent look in his eyes.  “My dear, you wouldn’t happen to be ticklish would you?” 
Jamie’s eyes widened.  It seemed like an odd question to ask, but she was smart enough to understand what was about to happen to her.  The eleven year old girl was extremely ticklish.  She had always gotten into tickle fights with Rachael and lost every time.  “No,” she lied.  Wynn chuckled.  “Somehow I doubt that Jamie.”  He motioned to his companions and they reached up and grabbed the ends of Jamie’s kitten socks.  They licked their lips excitedly and ever so slowly began to remove the young girls socks.  “No, wait, please!  I hate being tickled!” Jamie pleaded, but the two women continued to slowly pull her socks off.  Centimeter by centimeter her creamy white soles were revealed, until at last her cute, round little toes appeared, the nails painted bright pink.  The woman on the left felt Jamie’s foot, bringing her face closer and sniffing it.  “Mm, so soft,” she told her companion, “and sweet smelling.  Nothing I like more that the feel of tender young soles.”  She ran a finger up the helpless young brunette’s foot, testing it.  “Hehehe! Jamie giggled, “don’t, that tickles!”  The women grinned evilly at each other and picked up a pair of feathers each from the floor; red, green, blue, and yellow.  The girl on the right applied them first. 
“Coochie coochie coo,” she taunted as she stroked Jamie’s bound soles with the feathers.  Jamie erupted into a fit of giggles as the tickly implements raced back and forth across her feet, up and down, back and forth.  The girl on the left began to slide them between Jamie’s toes, intensifying her sweet young laughter.  Wynn just sat back and watched with a mildly amused look on his face.  The girls decided to switch up their tactics.  The girl on the left (Lefty, Jamie silently nicknamed her) began to scribble across Jamie’s sole with the stiff end of the feathers  This caused her to emit higher pitched, more panicked sounding shrieks.  The girl on the right (Rightie) began to lick Jamie’s foot with the tip of her tongue.  The warm, slippery tongue was far ticklier than Jamie could have imagined, especially when it slid between her toes.  Jamie roared with laughter, unable to hold it in, struggling against her bonds quite futilely.  The more she fought it, it seemed, the worse the tickling sensations would get.   “Pleeease stop! No more tickling, pleeeease!”  They didn’t slow down.  Right began to lightly nibble on Jamie’s toes, which she clearly did not like.  And she howled like a banshee when Lefty picked up a paintbrush and began to gently stroke Jamie’s tender young sole with it. 
“Okay girls,” Dr. Wynn said, “not too rough.”  The girls looked a little disappointed, but slowed down their assault.  They switched back to playfully stroking her soles with the feathers, eliciting sporadic giggles and girly screams.  After about twenty minutes (it seemed like hours to Jamie) they gave her a break and let her drink some water.  Breathing heavily, Jamie had no breath left in her to protest or plead to her captors.  Somehow, she had kind of enjoyed it.  She could barely stand the touch of the tickly feathers and fingers, but at the same time it was exhilarating, almost…fun.  Her reprieve did not last long.  Soon the two girls were standing on either side of her, feathers in hand.  This time they applied them to Jamie’s underarms, sliding and twirling all along her smooth pits.  Jamie’s laughter resumed in earnest, her body twisting and contorting in a futile effort to get away from the tickling feathers.  It wasn’t quite as horrible as it had been on her feet, but it still tickled intensely. 
Lefty began to tickle Jamie’s neck with the feather, while Rightie dug into Jamie’s sides with her fingertips.  This caused her to thrash violently, bucking left and rightly, trying anything to escape from the searching fingers.  But she could not, and Rightie’s fingers zoomed all around her upper body, finding all her ticklish spots and exploiting them mercilessly.  “Noooo!” Jamie moaned, “No more tickliiiiing! Stahahahap!” Lefty applied a couple of paintbrushes to Jamie’s underarms, and the combined assault made Jamie explode with cute, girly laughter.  “Ohohoh, that tickles sooooo muuuuch!”  Seeing the warning look from Wynn, the girls picked the feathers back up and began to tickle Jamie’s bellybutton.  It was a great reprieve from the shock of the previous attack, but the four feathers sliding across her midriff still tickled greatly.  She giggled furiously, still oddly enjoying the tickly sensations somewhat.  Still, she found herself almost hoping that her uncle would find them so she could see these two bitches get their just desserts. 







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very good story

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